Friday, January 27, 2012

Peg Apron Tutorial

Last year my crafty friend, Thea, came up with a new (to me) idea of having an apron specifically for pegs.  I thought it was such a good idea I invited her to come and talk about it on my Home Grown blog.  After she guest posted about it I went and made one and then another for my Mum who loved the idea too.

I love being able to reach into my pocket for a peg, no searching the bottom of the clothes basket, or swinging the line around to grab a handful of pegs from the attached basket.  And no more spiders in my pegs from leaving them on the line!  I just pop on my apron and I'm good to go.  I leave it in my washing basket so it's always handy and (sometimes I even hang it up on the hook in my laundry!)

Do you want to make one?  Look how cute they are!

So, on with the Peg Apron Tutorial:
You will need:
Main piece: 32" x 18"
Waistband: 1.5m x 4"
Pocket 13" x 11"
Bias Tape 80" (approx)

Firstly use a bowl to cut curves on the bottom edges of your main piece and your pocket.

Main Piece
Next sew your bias tape onto the sides and bottom edge of your main piece.

Then we are going to add some pleats to the top edge of the main piece.  Find the middle, add a 1-2cm pleat every couple of inches.  Pleat towards the outer side edges from the centre point.  When you have finished your main piece should measure around 18".

Baste these pleats with your sewing machine.

Next we need to fold the sides and bottom edges of the pocket under and press.  I have a tutorial on how to achieve a nice curved finish on your pocket, go check it out, I'll wait.....
Okay now sew your bias tape to the top edge of the pocket.

Find a central point on your apron and pin down your pocket.

Sew your pocket on with a stitch close to the edge.

Just the waistband to go now, we are on the home stretch!  Fold in your raw edges about 1cm and press with your iron.

Then fold in half and press.

Find the centre point of your waistband and your apron and pin the waistband onto your apron.

Topstitch along the top and the bottom of your waistband.

Tie it around your waist, throw a whole lotta pegs in your pocket and hang out that washing!

Seeing I have already made one of these for myself (and given one to my Mum last year for Mother's Day), this one is up for sale in my shop: Joyfoolery.  Think you might look shabby chic in this?  I bet you would!
Thea also sells some beautiful ones in her Madeit shop here (I just checked and she has sold out, but keep an eye out for more added soon).

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