Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tutorial: Ruffled Bucket Hat from a T-shirt

Stop!  Don't throw out those old t-shirts or cardis.  Pop them in your sewing pile instead.

They can be used for so many different projects!

Today I'm going to show you how to make a Ruffled Bucket Hat from an old shirt.  I used a zip up cardigan that I no longer loved, I even pulled out the zip for another project, yay!

You will need a bucket hat pattern.  There are lots of great bucket hat patterns around the internet.  Two free ones I have found are the Oliver + S Reversible Bucket Hat and Sew Much Ado's Reversible toddler bucket hat here.

Once you have your pattern, you are ready to chop up your t-shirt.  You can use the body of the shirt for the larger pieces and if you cut your sleeves along the seams and open them up, you should be able to get some of the smaller bits (like the top of the hat) from there.  Don't forget to save the trims, ribbing or any fancy bits so we can spice up the sides of our hats.

Here are all your pieces:
Top of hat x 2
Side x 4
Brim x 4
Optional: Interfacing x4 for your brim to sturdy it up a bit.

Next you will want to cut off your ribbing or trim from your shirt, or you could use a strip of contrasting fabric, some ric rac, lace or ribbon, this part is completely up to you.  I used the ribbing from the bottom of my cardigan.

I sewed two gathering stitches along the top edge and then pulled to make my ruffle.  To make a gathering stitch, you set your machine to the longest stitch and do not sew back and forth at the ends as we don't want these stitches secured.

 Have you sewn a ruffle before?  I just found this great post on a few different ways to do it!  7 ways to sew a ruffle from See Kate Sew.

Now pin your ruffle/ric rac/lace onto your two outside side pieces (the other two side pieces are for your lining).

Sew it on, then put those side pieces right sides together and sew the short ends.

Now we are going to attach the top piece to the sides, right sides together and sew it together.

Here is how your hat should be looking right about now.

Make up your lining sides and top now and set aside.
If you are going to interface your brim, do it now.  I recommend interfacing all four pieces of your brim so that they have the same amount of movement when you are sewing them together later.

Pin your brim pieces together at the sides and sew.  Do the same with your brim lining pieces.

Pin your brim and your brim lining right sides together around the outer edge.

Sew around the outside with a 1cm seam allowance.  Then clip and trim that seam edge (or use Hopeful Threads pinking tip) before turning right side out.

Topstitch around the outer edge.  Set aside.

Now we are going to attach our lining hat to our main hat.  Insert the lining into the hat with wrong sides together, matching seams.  Sew the raw edges together.

Now we are ready to attach our brim to our hat.  With right sides together and matching seams, pin the raw edges together.

Sew with an overlocking stitch.  (I used my overlocker).

Now turn down that brim and admire your hat.

Then pop it on your cutie.

Remember if you do make a hat (or anything) using one of my tutorials, make sure you add it to the Joyfoolery Tutorial Flickr Pool.  I'd love to see your creations!

You can use any material for these hats, don't be limited by t-shirts.  Here are a couple more I've made.  The seersucker one from a secondhand tablecloth and the other using some great sheets I found!

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